Local Moving around Edmonton Charges for local moves are based on an hourly rate unless you get a flat rate. The hourly rate will depend on the number of movers needed to service your move and the time of year you are moving. Be sure to let your mover know if you are moving appliances or piano. If you live in an apartment or condo, be sure to book the elevator as far in advance as possible as there may be other people moving in and moving out that day. Each piece of furniture will be wrapped in quilted moving blankets and your home will be protected with floor runners. Professional packing service is also available on local moves. If you are doing some or all of the packing yourself, your Atlas mover agent can provide you with packing supplies specially designed for moving at an additional cost. Long Distance Moving in Western Canada The cost of your long distance move will be based on the weight of your shipment and the distance from origin to destination. An accurate estimate is key to budgeting for your long distance move. An estimator will meet with you in your home to do an onsite estimate of exactly what needs to be moved. If it is not possible for them to see items stored at another location, be sure to provide a detailed list of these additional goods. A flat rate for your long distance move will be prepared by your estimator mover. The estimate will include the cost for all requested moving services such as transportation, packing, storage and replacement value protection for your shipment. The actual moving charges for a long distance move will be calculated once the truck is weighed, after your shipment is loaded. The pre-load weight is deducted from the post-load weight to determine the actual weight of your shipment. The actual weight is used to calculate your transportation charges. Most moving consultants will provide a guarantee that their estimated weight will not exceed 10% provided there are no additional items added to your shipment after the in-home survey was performed. Each piece of furniture will be wrapped in clean quilted moving blankets and your home will be protected with floor runners.

Know your movers

There are many horror stories in the media about rogue movers. The growth of the internet has spurned a growth in rogue movers who put up slick web sites to fool people into believing they are moving with a reputable van line/moving company. These rogue movers have no trucks, equipment or licensed agents to handle your move. Rogue movers will give a low ball price in order to get your move and will ask for payment up front. Reputable moving companies collect payment on delivery. Protect Your Family and Your Belongings There are steps you can take as a consumer to ensure the mover you choose is not a rogue mover. Educate yourself and check with the Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Association of Movers to ensure your mover is in good standing.





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